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You will be doing the impossible.

Dear Parish Family… As you can imagine, the news that I am being reassigned this Fall to become the pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Glens Falls has become the “headline story” of my life and the life of our

Love One Another

Dear Parish Family… Each year, in the weeks that follow Easter, our liturgies offer us beautiful readings about the first days of the Church, after Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven. Our first readings these past

Methods of Prayer

Dear Parish Family… On Sunday, we gathered the 10th Grade candidates for Confirmation from both parishes, along with their sponsors, and introduced them to a powerful method of prayer we call TAPA. The letters of the acronym TAPA outline four

Praying the Rosary

Pope Francis has been looking for ways to strengthen all of us for the challenges of Coronavirus. Recently, he recommended that we all use the month of May, which has always been devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to reinvigorate

The Greatest Generation… 2.0

No one alive has ever seen times like the times we’re in right now. One of the challenges of the Pandemic is not being able to ask some of the elders of our communities – our grandmothers and grandfathers –

The Lessons of Exodus

Dear Friends… As you know from following the news, our “pause” here in New York has been now extended until May 15. Clearly we all agree that saving lives is always our first priority as believers, so it’s wise to

This Easter is Great

Dear Friends… If you’re like me, in past years, I would judge an Easter to be good or bad based on criteria like the weather that day. “What a beautiful Easter that was, it was 65° and sunny! We ate

Lenten Preparation

Have you decided yet what practices to undertake for your 2018 Lenten tune-up? Many of us fast from some comfort or behavior, giving it up for the sake of making more room inside of ourselves for faith and devotion. Others

We Are Many Parts

Every January, Catholics and others take a week to celebrate Christian unity. It’s amazing how far we have come in building bridges to other faiths in the past several generations. When I celebrate funerals for people who have lived a

Flying Together

It’s been hard to ignore the honking of geese in the skies above us these past few weeks. Apparently, their instincts are overriding the weather we’ve been having, which could certainly have encouraged them to think that winter is still