Month: April 2020

Moving Forward

Many people are wondering how our parishes might possibly be changed in the future by all that we’ve been going through these past six weeks. The fact that right now you’re reading a joint newsletter that primarily comes through email

The Lessons of Exodus

Dear Friends… As you know from following the news, our “pause” here in New York has been now extended until May 15. Clearly we all agree that saving lives is always our first priority as believers, so it’s wise to

This Easter is Great

Dear Friends… If you’re like me, in past years, I would judge an Easter to be good or bad based on criteria like the weather that day. “What a beautiful Easter that was, it was 65° and sunny! We ate

The Best Antidote to Anxiety is Altruism

Dear Parish Family, There are so many people in distress right now – and for good reason. A generation ago in Ireland, there was tragic violence between Protestants and Catholics in the north, which is why, when they refer to