St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Coxsackie, NY

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Electronic giving — which gives St. Mary’s permission to draw an amount of your choosing from your bank account each week, each pay period, each month or each quarter — is best way to help your parish budget for the future and have a reliable source of income, no matter what.

Please use this easy online form to register and become a valued e-giver for your parish today!

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Welcome Home! And Happy New Year!

Parishioners with the last names beginning with M-Z may join us in St. Mary’s Church on Saturday evening at 4:30 PM.

Also please join us Sundays at St. Patrick’s Church in Ravena on YouTube on Live Streamed to attend Masses virtually. After We livestream, we will then post the recording afterwards if you prefer a later time.

Music for  January 16 & 17