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When You Share Your Bread

Dear Parish Family… You may have not yet had the chance to listen to the interview I did on the Profiles of Endurance podcast with Bashir Chedrawee, the co-owner of Simone’s Kitchen, one of our fantastic local restaurants. In our

You will be doing the impossible.

Dear Parish Family… As you can imagine, the news that I am being reassigned this Fall to become the pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Glens Falls has become the “headline story” of my life and the life of our

Summer Plans

Dear Parish Family… It feels like these times are the most exciting we have experienced in a long, long time. We are really beginning to turn a corner in the pandemic. And although we have no way to know what

Celebrating New Priests

Dear Parish Family… There is an undeniable feeling of hope around us these days as more than a quarter of New Yorkers are now vaccinated from COVID-19. Plus, we have survived a winter of lockdown, one that we all dreaded,

Our Parish Business and Operations Manager

Dear Friends… In August of 2018, Lisa Muccilli arrived at our two parishes as our Business & Operations Manager. Lisa came to us after having run a hotel and restaurant in the Catskills with her husband for a decade and

Moving Forward

Many people are wondering how our parishes might possibly be changed in the future by all that we’ve been going through these past six weeks. The fact that right now you’re reading a joint newsletter that primarily comes through email

Socially distant – Spiritually Connected

Dear Parish Family, I write this with a full heart. I could not be more proud of everyone in our two communities. The unity, the generosity, the desire for connection – it’s all been overwhelming. Although this is an incredibly

All Souls’ Mass

Loss is one of the most disorienting and overwhelming aspects of human life. Each of us have people in our life that we can’t bear to live without. And yet, we will at some point be forced to cope with

St. Patrick’s celebrates 100 years

This weekend, as St. Patrick’s celebrates 100 years in the beautiful church we call home, I’d like to take you back another couple of generations to the earliest Catholic days in our area. Local historians tell me that the first