Dear Parish Family…

Oh, the experience we got to celebrate this past weekend! For all who were there, you know it was a day we will never forget.

The first Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Mary’s in 68 years and a one for a brand-new priest who grew up right across the river from our parishes and is “one of us” in every way.

Dan McHale: a local boy

Fr. Dan asked me to share this message with all of you:

What a glorious day! That is my remembrance of this past Sunday afternoon, when as a community we came together in unity to celebrate my Mass of Thanksgiving.

Words cannot fully convey how grateful I am for the love, generosity, and hospitality that you, the parishioners of St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s, have shown me— not only on Sunday, but all throughout my four years of seminary. After all, it was your contributions to the Diocesan (formerly Bishop’s) Appeal that helped
fund my education at Pope St. John XXIII.

While thanks are due across the board, I would like to especially recognize members of St. Mary’s Community Life Committee, Lisa D’Arcangelis, John Vasto and that wonderful choir, seminarian Adam Feisthamel and Donna Hagen (the latter of whom stepped in to serve at a moment’s notice!), as well as the staff and
volunteers who helped make this day happen.

And last—but never least—I want to express my appreciation to Fr. Scott.

Be assured you all remain in my prayers as I begin my priestly ministry. May God abundantly bless each and every one of you!


Fr. Dan McHale

Friends, you showed our communities’ best side this past weekend. And as is always the case, when you step out in generosity and hospitality, it always comes back in tenfold blessings.

Thank you. I’ve never felt prouder to serve you… and serve with you. (Watch it here)

Father Scott